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Self-Help Information

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Learning Specialist services are FREE to all students currently enrolled at Midwestern University. All appointments are made directly with the Learning Specialist, Rachel Hall, M.Ed.  Ms. Hall can be contacted by phone - 630-515-7153 or email rhall@midwestern.edu.

All inquiries are treated in a confidential manner. Please expect that questions will be asked regarding current stressors and academic needs.  The Learning Specialist is available Monday through Friday. Please notify us if you will be late. Twenty-four-hour notice of cancellation allows us to use the time for other students in need.

Location & Hours

The Learning Specialist's Office is located in Redwood Hall, Suite 102.


8:30am – 5:00pm


9:30am – 6:00pm


9:30am – 6:00pm


8:30am - 5:00pm


7:30am - 4:00pm

Learning Specialist Services

Midwestern University strives to support students in any academic challenges they may experience. The Learning Specialist is available to help students effectively deal with academic issues through individual appointments, workshops, and groups.  Services include: 

Once an appointment is made

The Learning Specialist is here to assist you in defining your learning goals and creating individualized plans to reach your academic potential. Initial appointments with the Learning Specialist typically last 45-60 minutes. At the first appointment, the Learning Specialist will assess your current situation and recommend a success plan. This plan will include follow-up appointments, referrals to tutoring or other support services, and specific assignments designed to help you develop effective learning strategies and/or time management skills.

We appreciate prompt arrival for appointments. Please notify your Learning Specialist if you will be late. Twenty-four-hour notice of cancellation allows us to use the time for other students in need.

Costs to the student

Appointments with the Learning Specialist are provided free of charge to all students of Midwestern University. These services are subsidized through student activity fees.

Learning Specialist Staff

Rachel Hall, M.Ed., has been an educator for over ten years and has worked in multiple capacities including teacher, advisor, counselor, and university instructor. She believes in a student-centered approach to learning and strives to help students develop the knowledge and strategies to become self-regulated learners.

Learning Specialist Self-Help Information

Download any of the documents below for additional information on some various topics:

Concept Mapping For Learning
Coping with test anxiety
Exam Strategies
Relaxation Strategies
Study Strategies
Resources for COMLEX
Starting off on the right foot
Stress Management
Student Pamphlet
Ten Ways to Reduce Stress
Blank Schedule
Time Management Tips
Writing Resources