Eric A. Woo O.D., F.A.A.O., Diplomate A.B.O.

Assistant Professor and Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Midwestern University
Chicago College of Optometry
Cardinal Hall 581
555 31st St.
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Office: (630) 960-3009


Residency Primary Care & Ocular Disease Illinois College of Optometry 2013
O.D. Doctor of Optometry Illinois College of Optometry 2012
H.B.Sc. Biomedical Science; Minor in Biology University of Waterloo 2008

Research Interests

Interprofessional Education, Interprofessional Collaboration, Optometric Education, Clinical Case Studies

Interprofessional collaboration with optometric education

Increasing the understanding of other health care professions is important in providing the highest quality of care to our patients. A health care professional not only needs to understand their area of expertise, but the expertise of other health care professionals. Knowing what colleagues in other health professions are best at and when they should be utilized is the root of health care professionals ability to best attend to patient’s multitude of health care needs.

Research Projects

Project I:

An initial survey was distributed within an interprofessional course on campus involving osteopathic medicine, dental medicine, and pharmacy students with various questions on understanding of various aspects of eye care and optometry. This initial survey gave us a basic overview of the current understanding of knowledge of eye care and optometry prior to the integration of the Chicago College of Optometry into the interprofessional curriculum on campus. The ultimate goal of this project is to see how the integration of optometry into the interprofessional curriculum affects other health care professional students knowledge and understanding of optometry. With such data we should be able to fine tune and hone the education delivered to ensure greater understanding of what optometry can do for mutual patients to potentially result in better overall health care for all.

Poster Presentations

Aceto AV, Woo EA. (2018). An Investigation of Adherence to "Duty to Warn" in the Pediatric Population. Denver, CO: Optometry's Meeting.

Woo EA, Weitzman DS. (2018). Perception of Recommended Adult Eye Exam Frequency by First Year Osteopathic Medicine, Dental, and Pharmacy Students. Kansas City, MO: 57th Heart of America Eye Care Congress.

Woo EA, Weitzman DS, Yadav NK, Suckow MA. (2016). Understanding of Optometric Scope of Practice by First Year Osteopathic Medicine, Dental, and Pharmacy Students. Anaheim, CA: American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting.

Woo EA, Klemencic S. (2013). Atypically Located Unilateral Optic Disc Pit with Serous Detachment and Evidence for Cerebrospinal Fluid Source Theory. Seattle, WA: American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting.

Teaching Activities

Chicago College of Optometry

OPTOD 1510 Clinical Optometry I - Course & Lab Director

OPTOD 1520 Clinical Optometry II - Course & Lab Director

OPTOD 1530 Clinical Optometry III - Lab Instructor

Clinical Services

Midwestern University Eye Institute

Primary Care & Advanced Ocular Health