Chair and Professor of Anesthesia

Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Surgery
Companion Animal Clinic 323-H

19555 N 59th. Ave
Glendale AZ 


BS  Washington State University 1999
DVM Washington State University 2000
Intern Vet Med Surg Group 2001
Resident University of Georgia 2004
MA University of Georgia 2008


Evidence-Based Practice
Clinicians should make decisions about how to manage their patients based on the best evidence available.  Using science to guide decision making falls under evidence-based decision making and, for medical decisions, evidence-based medicine (EBM).  By using EBM, we should achieve the best outcomes for our patients.  EBM revolves around answering clinically relevant questions which the practitioner can immediately apply to clinical cases.

Research projects

Comparison of propofol and ketamine/diazepam for recovery after elective orthopedic surgery in dogs

Necessity of pre-operative bloodwork in apparently healthy dogs

Agreement among anesthesiologists regarding post operative pain assessment in dogs

An analysis of small animal rotating intern applicant personal statements

A systematic review of the effects of injectable and inhalant sedatives and anesthetics on the canine eye

Critical incident technique analysis applied to peri-anesthetic cardiac arrests at a university teaching hospital

Validation of an objective surgical skills checklist

Arrhythmogenic potential of dobutamine in isoflurane-anesthetized horses

Prevalence of pain in dogs with cancer

Impact of veterinarian attire on client perceptions

Client beliefs about cardiopulmonary arrest and resuscitation in veterinary patients


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