Department of Safety and Security
Emergency Response Team (ERT)

All Emergencies call 911 and then contact Safety & Security:

AZ - (623) 572-3201        IL - (630) 515-7111

MWU 2016 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

MWU Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Management Provisions

Safety and Security Mission:

The mission of the Department of Safety and Security at Midwestern University is to protect University property, so it students, faculty, staff and visitors are able to carry out their functions, use Midwestern University buildings, property without fear or interruption, and render assistance as needed. In order that this mission might be accomplished in the most effective, efficient and professional manner, the department strives to meet goals.

    1. Educate the University community, including faculty, staff, and students, on crime prevention techniques and encourage them to accept appropriate responsibility for their safety and security.
    2. Aggressively strive to maximize campus safety and minimize security risk factors.
    3. Impartially support and vigorously protect the rights of individuals and groups.
    4. Provide "client-oriented" services to all segments of the University community.
    5. Encourage and provide professional development opportunities for the Department of Safety and Security.
    6. Maintain order and facilitate an atmosphere of peace and security.
    7. Enforce all laws, statues, rules and regulations to ensure the safety of University students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Emergency Response Teams

Two specific groups have been established to handle emergencies, potential crises and disastrous occurrences including the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and the Crisis Communication Team (CCT). ERT is responsible for formulating plans, initiating/directing immediate response to the emergency, advising the University President and keeping CCT informed.