Emergency Response Team (ERT)

All Emergencies call 911 and then contact Safety & Security:

AZ - (623) 572-3201        IL - (630) 515-7111

MWU 2018 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

MWU Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Management Provisions

Emergency Preparedness

Midwestern University is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for its students, faculty, and staff; protecting it's research and intellectual property. The University strives to reduce the impact of emergencies and increase the effectiveness of the campus community response and recovery. Doing so provides continuity of campus operations to achieve the University's mission. In the event of a campus-wide, natural or man-made disaster, information will be communicated to our students, faculty and staff.

The University's Emergency Response  Team (ERT) encourages everyone to read the Emergency Response Plans and be familiar with your roles and responsibilities in preparing for an emergency.

Emergency Response Teams

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) and have been established protocols for emergencies, potential crises, and disastrous occurrences.

In Case of Emergency

Disaster Fact Sheets (FEMA and CDC)





Heat Dangers

Winter Storms

Hazardous Materials


Being Prepared... Starts with you!