Give to the College of Veterinary Medicine

It's easy to support the College of Veterinary Medicine. Simply choose one or more of the following options for making your gift:


The College of Veterinary Medicine gladly accepts checks made payable to the University. If you choose to make a gift by check, please mail it to Midwestern University 19555 North 59th Avenue Glendale, AZ  85308 and specify how you wish to have your gift be directed.

Give online

Gifts can be made online through our secure site using your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. In addition to a charitable tax-deduction, donations charged to a credit card can provide other benefits to the cardholder, such as travel miles or merchandise discounts.  


Appreciated securities that have been held more than one year often allow donors to make larger gifts and claim a tax deduction for the full, appreciated value of the securities while avoiding capital gains tax on the transaction. Stock gifts can be made through electronic transfer from your broker to Midwestern University's account.


An individual may specify a designated sum or percentage for the College of Veterinary Medicine to receive from their estate. Contact us for specific language or to learn more.  

Retirement Funds

Retirement funds left to family members through Individual Retirement Accounts are subject to taxation up to sixty percent but pass tax-free to the University through a simple change-of-beneficiary. For this reason, they make wonderful gifts.


Life income gifts such as charitable gift annuities allow donors to make significant gifts and retain fixed income annuity payments for one or two lives. Payments are based on the age of the annuitant(s) and the full current value of the donation.

Insurance Gifts

Gifts of life insurance policies that are no longer needed are easily donated to the University by naming the College of Veterinary Medicine as the beneficiary. In addition, premiums paid to keep the policy in force may qualify as tax-deductible donations when paid directly to the University.

Real Estate 

Gifts of real estate relieve owners of the burden and expense of managing their property and provide extraordinary gift opportunities. A donation of property to the College may allow the donor to avoid capital gains tax on any profit from appreciated real estate while receiving a charitable tax deduction for the full fair-market value of the property.


Donors may transfer income-producing properties to a trust with the College of Veterinary Medicine receiving the income following the term of the trust. The donor receives substantial income tax or gift and estate tax benefits and Midwestern University students are the ultimate beneficiaries.

Become a member of the Heritage Circle

Those alumni and friends who designate the College of Veterinary Medicine in their wills or estate plans are automatically eligible to become members of the Heritage Circle, a group of benefactors who receive special honors for their devotion to Midwestern University. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please do let us know so we can thank you and make sure your philanthropic desires are fulfilled through your gift-of-a-lifetime.


Staci A. Glass, Director of Institutional Advancement - IL/AZ