Following notification of a decision for dismissal or academic deceleration, a student may appeal, in writing, the decision to the Dean. Such appeals must be received by the Dean within three working days after the student is officially notified of the dismissal or deceleration decision. A narrative explaining the basis of the appeal should accompany the request. An appeal must be based on one of the following premises:

  1. Bias of one or more Committee members.
  2. Material information not available to the Committee at the time of its initial decision.
  3. Procedural error.

The Dean will review the appeal request and narrative and decide if there is sufficient information to convene a meeting of the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee, which would be asked to provide a recommendation to the Dean on the appeal request. Once a decision is made to convene a Committee meeting, the student requesting an appeal shall be notified in writing with a delivery confirmation (i.e., e-mail or hand delivery) by the Associate Dean at least two working days in advance of the scheduled Committee meeting in which the student's appeal will be heard.  The student will be invited to either appear personally before the committee or submit a letter or documentation to be presented at the meeting on their behalf. The invited students must indicate, in writing, their intention to appear or provide their materials 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. The information will be provided to the Chair and committee members of the SPGC.  If the student chooses to appear before the Committee, this prerogative extends to the involved student only and not to any other individuals.  The Committee submits its recommendation to the Dean. Upon receipt of the Committee's recommendation, the Dean will make a decision, typically within ten working days and then notify the student and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  The decision of the Dean is final.

Students must attend all didactic courses in which they are registered until the appeal process is complete.  Students registered in a clinical course (rotation) may be placed on a mandatory academic leave of absence until the appeal process is finalized.