Prerequisites are listed for those courses with such requirements. When no prerequisite is listed in a course description, it is implied that there is not a prerequisite.

Abbreviation/Number Course Name
ANATG 1517 Anatomical Sciences I See More
ANATG 1527 Anatomical Sciences II See More
ANATG 1537 Anatomical Sciences III See More
BIOCG 1512 Biochemistry I See More
BIOCG 1523 Biochemistry II See More
COREG 1560G, 1570G, 1580G Interprofessional Healthcare See More
FMEDG 1534 Public Health, Medical Ethics and Jurisprudence See More
MICRG 1532 Immunology See More
MICRG 1616 Microbiology I See More
MICRG 1626 Microbiology II See More
PATHG 1612 Pathology I See More
PATHG 1623 Pathology II See More
PATHG 1634 Pathology III See More
PHARG 1612 Pharmacology (Fall/Winter/Spring) See More
PHYSG 1523 Physiology I See More
PHYSG 1534 Physiology II See More
PMEDG 1512 Podiatric Medicine I See More
PMEDG 1521 Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Function I See More
PMEDG 1531 Podiatric Surgery I See More
PMEDG 1631 Podiatric Surgery II See More
PMEDG 1641 Podiatric Medicine II See More
PMEDG 1642 Research and Evidence Based Medicine See More
PMEDG 1643 Advanced Lower Extremity Anatomy See More
PMEDG 1644 Medical Imaging See More
PMEDG 1651 Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Function II See More
PMEDG 1662 General Medicine I See More
PMEDG 1670 Physical Diagnosis See More
PMEDG 1672 General Medicine II See More
PMEDG 1675 Pediatric Orthopedics See More
PMEDG 1678 Behavioral Medicine See More
PMEDG 1702 Radiology (Fall) See More
PMEDG 1724 Orientation to the Operating Room & Anesthesia (Fall) See More
PMEDG 1725 Clinical Correlates (Winter) See More
PMEDG 1726 ACLS (Summer) See More
PMEDG 1731 Podiatric Surgery III (Fall) See More
PMEDG 1732 General Medicine III (Summer) See More
PMEDG 1741 Podiatric Dermatology (Fall) See More
PMEDG 1751 Applied Clinical Biomechanics (Summer) See More
PMEDG 1773 Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Summer) See More


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