To initiate the application process, prospective students must apply directly to AADSAS electronically:

1400 K Street NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005;
Phone: 202/289-7201;
Fax: 202/289-7204

  1. Students may apply online. Students may access an AADSAS application in mid-May of the academic year preceding the year in which they plan to matriculate.
  2. After receiving an applicant's processed information from AADSAS, the Office of Admissions creates the applicant file. Concurrently, the office sends a supplemental application to applicants meeting the minimum science and total GPA requirement of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. The Applicant must complete and return the supplemental application as soon as possible; additionally, they must request two letters of evaluation. All letters of evaluation must be submitted by the evaluators directly to AADSAS or to MWU - the Office of Admissions will not accept evaluations submitted by students.

Please note: Status of the application can be tracked on the MWU website. Instructions for accessing accounts are available from the Office of Admissions. Please send notification of any changes in your mailing address and e-mail address. All requests for withdrawal an application must be done in writing; contact the Office of Admissions via e-mail at