Glendale, AZ Campus Catalog / College of Graduate Studies / Master of Science in Precision Medicine / Course Descriptions (Students Entering Summer 2023 and Later))

Prerequisites are listed for those courses with such requirements. When no prerequisite is listed in a course description, it is implied that there is no prerequisite.

Required Core and Capstone Courses

(Total 24.0 quarter-credit hours: 20 core quarter-credit hours and 4.0 Genomics Laboratory/Capstone quarter-credit hours)

Abbreviation/Number Course Name
PMMSG 501 Introduction to Genetics and Genomics See More
PMMSG 502 Genomics of Rare and Complex Diseases See More
PMMSG 503 Introduction to Bioinformatics, Statistics, and Data Interpretation See More
PMMSG 504 'Omics and Biomarkers See More
PMMSG 601 The Application of Precision Medicine to Cancer See More
PMMSG 602 Pharmacogenomics See More
PMMSG 603 Microbial Genetics, the Microbiome, and Infectious Diseases See More
PMMSG 604 Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Precision Medicine See More
PMMSG 605 Counseling and Communication Skills for Precision Medicine See More


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