Glendale, AZ Campus Catalog / College of Graduate Studies / Master of Science in Precision Medicine / Elective Course Descriptions (Students Entering Prior to Summer 2023)

Elective Courses (4.0 quarter-credit hours required) Each elective course is 1.0 credit. Not all electives are offered every quarter. 

Abbreviation/Number Course Name
PMMSG 801 Application of Precision Medicine to Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease See More
PMMSG 802 The Application of Precision Medicine to Neurological Diseases See More
PMMSG 803 Application of Precision Medicine to Cardiovascular Diseases See More
PMMSG 804 Advanced Topics in Pharmacogenomics See More
PMMSG 805 A One Health Approach to Genomics and Precision Medicine See More
PMMSG 806 Epigenomics and Functional Genomics in Health and Disease See More
PMMSG 807 Genetic Technologies for the Treatment of Disease See More
PMMSG 808 Precision Medicine Journal Club See More
PMMSG 809 Understanding and Interpreting Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing See More
PMMSG 810 Independent Study See More


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