Abbreviation/Number Course Name
ANATG 1553 Human Anatomy and Embryology (with Gross Anatomy Lab) See More
COREG 1560B, 1570B, 1580B Interprofessional Healthcare See More
BIOCG 551 Human Biochemistry See More
MICRG 570 Microbiology See More
PASSG 553 Health Professionalism See More
PASSG 556 Medical Interviewing and Documentation See More
PASSG 555 Preventative and Developmental Medicine See More
PASSG 565, 570, 580 Clinical Medicine I, II, III See More
PASSG 571 Therapeutic and Diagnostic Skills See More
PASSG 573 Basic Electrocardiography See More
PASSG 575 Women's Health See More
PASSG 582 Emergency Medicine and Surgical Principles See More
PASSG 568 Medical Ethics, Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Medicine See More
PASSG 588 Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine See More
PASSG 559, 579, 589 Preparation for Clinical Phase (PCP) I, II, III See More
PASSG 1569 Physical Diagnosis See More
PHARG 566, 570, 580 Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics I, II, III See More
PHYSG 1575, 1586 Human Physiology I, II See More

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