The College of Veterinary Medicine considers for admission those students who possess the academic, professional, and personal qualities necessary for becoming exemplary veterinary professionals. Students seeking admission to the College must:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the veterinary medical profession.
  2. Demonstrate service orientation through community service or extracurricular activities.
  3. Have proper motivation for and commitment to the veterinary profession as demonstrated by previous compensated work, volunteer work, or other life experiences.
  4. Possess the communication skills necessary to interact with patients, clients, and colleagues.
  5. Pass the Midwestern University criminal background check.
  6. Abide by Midwestern University's Drug-Free Workplace and Substance Abuse Policy.
  7. Meet the technical standards for the college (see below).

Competitive Admissions
Within its competitive admissions framework, the College uses multiple criteria to select the most qualified, diverse group of candidates from the applicant pool. Applicants are evaluated and selected based on their academic achievements including coursework, relevant non-veterinary experience, veterinary experience, letters of recommendation and interviews. It is advisable that applicants have significant veterinary, animal, research, or biomedical experience to strengthen their applications, but major accomplishments in any field are considered assets.

Rolling Admissions
CVM uses a rolling admissions process in which qualified applicants are reviewed, interviews are conducted, and selections are made at regular intervals during the admissions cycle. 

Application Process
CVM uses the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS).  The VMCAS application is available online at The VMCAS application cycle opens in January of each year.  The VMCAS application deadline is generally mid-September. 

In accordance with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges acceptance deadline policy, students have until mid-April to finalize all admission decisions. Students may accept or reject an offer prior to this deadline. If a signed letter accepting admission and the required deposit are not received by the deadline, the offer of admission will be automatically withdrawn. Refer to the VCMAS website for specifics about the application process.