The policy for class attendance is determined by each course director/coordinator. Students should refer to their course syllabus for additional attendance requirements. Students are expected to satisfy these attendance requirements in order to receive course credit.

Midwestern University encourages 100% attendance by students at all course-related sessions, lectures, laboratories, and clinical assignments. Each course director/coordinator has the prerogative to establish individual attendance requirements and policies. Unless a department's/division's policy differs, class attendance is mandatory for all students for the first session of each course in each quarter as well as on the first day of class after scheduled vacations. There is also a mandatory attendance policy for all students during clerkship/preceptorship and experiential rotations. If illness, a personal emergency, personal incapacitation, or other exceptional problem of a serious nature causes a student to be absent from a rotation or a session requiring mandatory attendance, the student must immediately notify the department/division or program responsible for the course and follow stated course policies and procedures. Unexcused absences during mandatory attendance sessions may result in course failure. Refer to specific course policies and procedures for course attendance requirements set forth by each department/division, program, or college.