A course auditor is a listener in a course. A course auditor should attend all lectures and may participate in class discussion to the extent permitted by the instructor. A course auditor is not allowed to take quizzes, examinations, or proficiency assessments; does not attend post-examination reviews; and does not complete or submit any graded assignments. A course auditor does not participate in labs, except as approved by the Dean.

The Student Promotions/Academic Review Committee recommend course auditor status. Course auditor status and any specific activities that an auditor may participate in must be approved by the Dean or their designee.

Once approval is received by the Registrar, the student is registered for the course as an auditor and the student's name appears on the course roster. An auditing student may be administratively withdrawn from a course when, in the judgment of the course director/coordinator, the student's attendance record justifies such action.

Academic credit is not issued to audited courses, and there is no possibility to change the course status from audit to full credit.

Students enrolled less than full-time are charged 25% of the tuition costs to audit a course.