Midwestern University has defined course credits across all colleges and programs.

A quarter is typically 9-12 weeks long.

The following contact times are assigned for every one credit hour in a course based on the specific type of learning activity independent of course length:

  • Lecture: 10 hours of lecture (where each lecture hour is 50 minutes in duration) and 20 hours of student study time outside for the classroom
  • Laboratory: 20-40 hours of contact time
  • Case discussion, interactive group problem-solving, recitation or workshop: 20 hours of contact time
  • Online or distance education: 30 hours of student work. Student work includes reading, research, online discussion, instruction, assigned group discussion, and preparation of papers or presentations.

Experiential education or rotation credits are determined by different formulae depending on the college or program.

  • For AZCOM, CCOM, CPDG, CPG, CDMA, CDMI, CVM, AZCOPT, CCO:  Each week of full time experiential education (equivalent to 40 hours of instruction) is equivalent to 1.5 credits.
  • For AZCPM, CHS and CGS: Each week of full-time experiential education (equivalent to 40 hours of instruction) is equivalent to 1 credit.

If approved, some Colleges or Programs may allow the inclusion of full-time student participation on Midwestern University - sanctioned mission trips as experiential education or rotation time. In this case, the course credit policy for experiential education or rotations applies. The minimum amount of credit per mission trip that can be applied to a stand-alone course is 0.5 credit hours.

The Curriculum Committee of the College approves the number of credits hours for all courses including those utilizing alternative delivery methods. The determination/assignment of credit hours should reflect the overall educational content of the course and the academically engaged time required to achieve the desired outcome for the typical student. Academically engaged time may be measured by the type, quantity, and required level of mastery of the course content.