The grade (I) incomplete may be assigned by a course director when a student's work is of passing quality but is incomplete or if a student qualifies for reexamination. It is the responsibility of the student to formally request an extension from the course instructor. By assigning an I (incomplete) grade, it is implied an instructor agrees that the student has a valid reason and should be given additional time to complete required coursework. To resolve an incomplete grade, an instructor will resubmit the new grade on-line. All incomplete grades must be resolved within 10 calendar days from the end of final examinations for the quarter. In the case of courses ending prior to final examination week, it is the obligation of the course director to monitor the use and resolution of the incomplete grade with notice to the Registrar. If an incomplete grade remains beyond the 10 calendar days, it is automatically converted to a grade of (F) failing by the Registrar, which signifies failure of the course.