Midwestern University is committed to supporting students called to active military duty. Students called to such duty will be considered on military leave. Students called to active duty should immediately notify the College Dean and provide their pertinent call-up papers. Students returning to MWU from active duty will be eligible for reinstatement as full-time MWU students once they have notified the Dean and have supplied any pertinent military papers requested by the Dean.

Students called to active military duty will be entitled to receive refunds of tuition and fees if the withdrawal is prior to the sixth week of the quarter. After the tenth week, he/she will receive both grades and credit hours for courses in which he/she is earning a passing grade.

Preclinical students with less than two-thirds of assignments/exams completed will be encouraged to restart the courses once they return. Departments, however, will have the prerogative to make special arrangements. Clinical students returning to MWU will be reinstated as closely as possible to the previous point of progress in the clinical experience. The point of entry and order of clinical rotations for the clinical student will be determined by the College Dean and by the chair of the department in which the student was doing the clinical rotation. No additional tuition will be due from students for the resumption of any "incompletes" for work that they started before leaving for active military duty. Tuition charges for students restarting classes or for subsequent academic quarters will be set at the tuition rates in effect at the time the student returns from military duty. The College Dean will provide leadership to facilitate the re-entry of students into their programs as close as possible to the point when they were called to active military duty. The Dean of Students will provide leadership to facilitate student programming to address issues of stress and personal crisis and assist students in need of counseling because of a call-up.