Withdrawal from One or More Courses

Any student who wishes to withdraw from one or more courses must first discuss the consequences of this decision with the student's course director(s) and/or advisor, and then submit a course add/drop request online at https://online.midwestern.edu/student/mwuadddrop.cgi.  No course may be dropped after the last day of instruction for the course or during the final examination period. Withdrawal requests must be approved by the Program Director, if applicable, and the College Dean.  Approval for withdrawal from a required  course is granted only for extraordinary circumstances.  Students should be aware that withdrawal from a required course may result in a significant extension of the student’s professional program and may alter financial aid assistance.  Approved course withdrawals are graded according to the following policy:

Time at Which Course Withdrawal is Approved By the Dean

Course Grade at the Time of Withdrawal


Prior to and including the first Friday of the course


No grade-course does not appear on the transcript

After the first Friday and up to 50% of the course duration is completed



Greater than 50% of the course duration is completed or up to and including the last day of instruction.





In the case of courses that span two or three full quarters with a single grade assigned at the end of the course, students may withdraw from the course during any of the quarters in which the course is administered provided that all of the above conditions of this policy are met.  If the assigned grade at the time of withdrawal is a “WF”, the grade of “WF” will be considered a grade equivalent for all completed quarters of the course as well as the quarters during which the withdrawal was initiated.

When a student earns a W or WF grade in an elective course, the student is not required to repeat that specific elective course.

The course director is responsible for submitting the correct grade or grade notation when a student has received approval by the course director, Program Director, if applicable, and the College Dean.

Withdrawal from the College/University
The decision to withdraw from the University is a serious matter. Any student who withdraws from a college or a program is dropped from the rolls of the University. As such, if the individual decides at some later date to reenter the program, the student must reapply for admission and, if accepted, assume the status of a new student.

Students contemplating withdrawal must inform the Program Director, if applicable, and the College Dean of the decision to voluntarily withdraw and voluntarily relinquish the student's position in the program. The student must contact the Office of the Dean and must complete the appropriate clearance procedures. The withdrawal process includes the clearing of all financial obligations of MWU (including the mailroom, clinical education, library, security, housing, etc.) and a financial aid exit interview. If the withdrawal occurs before the completion of a course, the student must complete a course add/drop request which is located on the student portal at https://online.midwestern.edu/student/mwuadddrop.cgi. The student will receive one of the following grades: "W" (Withdrawal) or "WF" (Withdrawal/Failing). If the student completes the course before withdrawing, a final grade will be assigned. Following completion of these withdrawal procedures, the designation "Withdrawal" will be placed in the student's permanent record. The designation "Unofficial Withdrawal" is placed in the permanent record of any student who withdraws from the program without complying with the above procedures. For more information, see the Financial Aid sections on Notification of Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policies.