About Our Program


There is a profound joy that comes from understanding the whole person. Good healthcare demands intellectual creativity, nourished by a hands-on respect for the whole body, mind, and soul. This is the essence of Midwestern University's Body Donation Program, transforming students into life-long healthcare professionals.  We established the Body Donation Program because we consider the detailed study of human structure (anatomy) to be foundational for the education of healthcare professionals. This integral knowledge can best be learned and appreciated through the study of the whole human body. 

Whole body donation trains healthcare professionals for tomorrow, introduces anatomy from a whole person perspective, and offers opportunities to participate in medical and surgical techniques and procedures.  In addition, it provides financial benefits to families. We recognize the thoughtful consideration that goes into the decision to donate to our program and wish to acknowledge and express our gratitude to those individuals who generously choose to invest in the future of health care by making this donation.   

Additional information about body donation can be found under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the menu at the right of the page or by contacting the Body Donation Program. See Contact Information