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You can make your life rich with possibilities beyond the classroom at Midwestern University. Clubs and organizations, student government, recreational activities. Find whatever fits your interests and enhances your life.

Student Government 
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Student Organizations

To be better connected to all of the campus organizations and activities, students are encouraged to visit MWUConnect .

Student Government

At MWU, student government provides a forum for discussing and resolving student concerns, initiating recognition of new student organizations, and conducting reviews of student organizations. Student government functions at two levels: (1) the University and (2) the College.

University Student Senate

All students at each campus are represented through a campus-wide Student Senate. Each Student Senate is composed of 12 members. Three members represent each college within the campus. The remaining three members are the Speaker of the Student Senate, Vice Speaker, and the Secretary. Meeting every other month, each Student Senate provides a mechanism for governance of campus-wide activities and functions. It also provides a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and perceptions concerning student issues that cross college lines. Each Student Senate is required to develop and publish bylaws that describe: (1) the name of the senate; (2) purpose; (3) objectives of the senate; (4) operation and relationship with the College Student Councils; (5) membership and procedures for the election of officers/liaisons and their terms of office; (6) duties of senate members; (7) meeting schedules; (8) parliamentary procedure selected; (9) procedure considerations (quorums, role of individual class officers, etc); and (10) adoption and amendment procedures.

College Councils

Individual college student councils function to provide governance for student issues related to the individual colleges, as well as conducting all-class and college-wide elections. Adoption of bylaws governing the individual college student councils is at the discretion of the elected/appointed officers of these councils. College student councils are encouraged to adopt bylaws that are consistent with the bylaws of the other college student councils.

Individual college student councils are required to develop and publish bylaws that describe: (1) the name of the student council; (2) purpose; (3) objectives of the council; (4) operation and relationship with other college student councils; (5) membership and procedures for the election of officers/representatives and their terms of offices; (6) duties of student council members; (7) meeting schedules; (8) parliamentary procedure selected; (9) procedure considerations (quorums, role of individual class officers, etc); and (10) adoption and amendment procedures.

Recreational Activities

Committed to the One Health concept of optimal health and wellness, Midwestern University encourages you to use the recreation/fitness facilities located on the Glendale Campus.  The newly renovated Wellness & Recreation Center includes weight and cardio machines, aerobics room, one racquetball court, and craft and music rooms.  We also have a  sand volleyball court,  indoor/ outdoor basketball courts, a game room (located in Barrel II) with ping-pong tables, foosball and billiards. Members of the Midwestern community are eligible for a discounted membership at Foothills Recreation & Aquatics Center, located near the campus, which provides aerobic exercise classes and equipment, racquetball and basketball courts, a swimming pool and sauna, and a variety of weight machines and programs. You may also participate in a variety of University-sponsored activities, such as intramural sports, fitness/special interest classes,  running, and hiking.  For more information on the Wellness & Recreation Center classes, visit MWUConnect .

For racquetball reservations, go to the link below.  Racquetball reservations can only be made by MWU Students and Employees.

Wellness and Recreation Center Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week, 5:30am - 12:00am*
*Special closures & holidays will be announced
Phone: (623)537-6471

Bonnie Wheeler, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Erin Hoffmann, Recreation & Housing Assistant
Brandon McClelland, Front Desk Assistant
Augustine Tellez, Front Desk Assistant

Membership Access/Guest Policy
1.Individuals who are eligible to use the Wellness/Recreation Center are currently enrolled students, administrative, faculty and staff employees of the University, and Interns and Residents employed by the University. All individuals entering the facilities during regular hours must present a valid Midwestern University ID.  The building is accessible by electronic ID access only.

2.Guests must check-in at the reception desk, and sign a waiver form upon their first visit.  The hosting  member must remain with the guest at all times.  Unaccompanied guests will be asked to leave the facility. Hosting members are responsible for the conduct of their guest. 

3.Eligible members may bring in up to two-members of their family as guests, as long as the additional guest is a minor child.  Family  is defined as spouse, children or stepchildren, sibling or parent.  Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to be in the workout area while their parent is working out.  Children are only allowed in the craft room, music room, gymnasium and the racquetball court.  Adult supervision is required.

4.The University reserves the right to temporarily or permanently revoke an individual's eligibility to access at any time for violations of University Wellness/Recreation Center Policy.  Such decisions will be made at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Student Activities and the Dean of Students.