Physical Examination

All incoming students are required to have a physical examination.  Please have your physician complete and sign the Student Health Status Form. Submit the completed form to the Office of Student Services.

Immunizations and titers

Midwestern University, the Department of Public Health and the hospitals participating in our rotation and preceptor programs mandate that students provide proof of required immunizations.  This requirement is in place to protect both you and your clients, in school and in the clinics.

Required Immunizations for ALL PROGRAMS are:

MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) - Two immunizations with live virus (the first occurring after 12 months of age)

Varicella (chicken pox) - One vaccination dose or history of disease.

Hepatitis B- Three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine are required.  One month between the 1st and 2nd dose and 4-5 months between the 2nd and 3rd.

Tdap- One vaccine after 18 years old regardless of when your last tetanus shot was. Once this has been given as an adult, you will need to repeat tetanus shots every 10 years.

Two step TB test (TB)- Each student will need to have an initial two-step baseline TB test.  Annual skin tests are required by Midwestern University after an initial two-step test.  If you have tested positive in the past, we will need ANNUAL documentation from a physician that you do not have active Tuberculosis.

If you are a Veterinary Medicine student, you will need to be vaccinated for Rabies or have a blood titer showing that you have immunity for Rabies.  After vaccination, there is a 6-week waiting period that must be observed prior to drawing the titers.

Proof of immunity to a disease is determined through a blood test called a titer, which is performed after the immunization for that disease has been acquired, either through vaccination or by having the disease.  All Clinical students must have quantitative titer levels that indicate immunity to a disease even if they have had the disease or have been immunized against that disease. THIS EXCLUDES BIOMEDICAL/MA STUDENTS. Some childhood immunizations do not confer lifetime immunity to a disease, so the titer level may indicate that re-immunization against the disease is necessary.  When arranging for drawing of your blood titers, please refer to the Student Immunization Records Form for the specific titers needed, as there are many variations of the same titer.  If you have not been properly immunized against a disease, or have not had that disease, it would not be appropriate to have a titer drawn, as the blood test would indicate no immunity.  In this situation, you must be properly vaccinated prior to having the titer drawn. In order to complete your vaccination requirements prior to obtaining your titers, we strongly urge you to begin the process immediately.  Midwestern University gives all students at least a one month grace period in order to obtain these titers. Some insurance companies cover the expense, but others do not. We have contracted with Sonora Quest Labs in Arizona to perform these titers at a greatly reduced expense so we actually recommend that you wait until after New Student Orientation to obtain the titers. The Student Financial Services Office also provides money in your first financial aid disbursement check for the cost of the titers. Call the Office of Student Services at (623) 572-3210 if you are unsure as to whether or not you have been properly vaccinated or have questions regarding this process. 

Please fill out the Student Immunization Records Form and return it to the Office of Student Services, preferably either prior to or during New Student Orientation (although you do have a one month grace period). We ask for this information as soon as possible so that we can inform you of any deficiencies since some of the vaccinations take months to complete prior to being able to have a blood titer drawn. Please note: failure to provide titers and other required information in a timely fashion may delay the start of your clinical rotations and possibly delay your graduation date. When you return your Student Immunization Record Form, you must have any signed documentation for the quantified titer lab reports, TB screening results, TDAP results and Seasonal Influenza reports/dates attached to the form. Once you return the Student Immunization Record Form, any further documents you provide while a student also needs to be signed by a healthcare provider.  If you have not completed all immunizations and titers by New Student Orientation, please provide the form as is during New Student Orientation. We will review your form for deficiencies and send you emails concerning completion of the necessary requirements. It is imperative that you keep a copy of all of your records. If you bring them to Student Services, we will provide you with a copy for your records. Directions for sending your information to the University can be found at the end of this letter.

Option to Complete Titers at Midwestern University

Students with completed immunizations have the option to complete their required titers through the Office of Student Services.  Some insurance companies will cover titers, but many will not.  We offer titers at a lower rate than most healthcare facilities.  We have two options for titers at discounted rates.  To take advantage of this, you need to come to Student Services to obtain a lab requisition form and we will direct you from there. 


Please be aware that Midwestern University requires ALL students to carry health insurance.   Students can waive University Health insurance if they are covered by a parent, spouse or personal policy.  In order to waive, students must complete the on-line waiver and submit a letter from their insurance company verifying coverage. The waiver is not complete until the waiver is submitted and the letter is received.  Please note: if you don't waive off of the Student University Health Plan, you will be automatically enrolled and billed for the plan. Please contact the Office of Student Services at (623) 572-3210 if you have any questions.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is mandatory for all students in full-time programs.  We are pleased to offer our students disability insurance through the AMA.  Premiums vary per program however cost is minimal. The effective enrollment date for this policy is the start of your academic year. The annual premium is billed to your tuition and may be added to your financial aid package.  It is not possible to waive disability insurance coverage.

Forms to fill out on-line at

          Housing Application (if needed)

          Insurance Waiver Form

          Criminal Background Check Release Form

          Emergency Contact Information

Please include your name, program, year of expected graduation, and Student ID# in the upper right hand corner of all submitted documents. 


          Student Health Status Form

          Student Immunization Record Form with all supporting documentation

Documentation from external Sources that must be returned:

          Quantitative Laboratory Reports for Titers and Immunization records

          Letter from insurance company verifying coverage (if University insurance is waived)