Student Health, Dental & Disability Insurance

Midwestern University requires all students to carry health insurance.  We offer our students a health insurance plan created specifically for the student population under AETNA Student Health.  Following open enrollment in June and September, students may enroll in this plan any time during the regular academic year as long as they can provide documentation that they have been insured previously.  If a student cannot provide this information and would like to enroll in the AETNA plan at periods other than open enrollment in June and September, certain restrictions may apply on their coverage and a waiting period may exist.

AETNA Navigator

As an AETNA Student Health Insurance member, you have access to AETNA Navigator, your secure member website where you can:

For more information, download the Navigator Flyer or visit us online at The AETNA Student Health resource pages for MWU AZ students.  Aetna Student Assistance Program (SAP) is also available.  Type in the School ID: MWU.  Contact the Aetna SAP anytime.  Call toll-free at 1-877-351-7889, or email

The 2018-2019 Student Health Plans are listed below.  The premiums can be included in your financial aid budget, thereby avoiding any out-of-pocket expenses. 

2018-2019  AETNA Student Health PPO Plans and Premiums
(Effective 8/20/18 - No dependent coverage)

$500 Deductible Plan

$1000 Deductible Plan  

Annual Rates** $3275.00 $2785.00

**Depending on Program


You are not obligated to enroll in an AETNA Student Health Healthcare Plan, but may choose your own comparable healthcare coverage.  If you are on a parent or spouse's plan or choose other comparable health insurance coverage, you are required to complete and submit an insurance waiver form on your student portal.  You will also need to submit documentation of coverage other than an insurance card to Student Services.

Disability insurance is mandatory for all students in full-time programs and is offered through the AMA.  Coverage is for one full year.  The premium is billed with your tuition and may be added to your financial aid package.


Students will be charged health insurance premiums on a quarterly basis.  Students have until the 15th day of the beginning of the quarter to terminate insurance.  Beyond this deadline, insurance cannot be terminated until the end of the current quarter.  No refunds are given for student insurance past the 15th day of the beginning of a quarter.


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