Jeffrey C. Page, DPM, DABFAS

Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences
Director/Professor, Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine

Midwestern University
College of Health Sciences
Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine
Glendale Hall Suite 328
19555 N. 59th Avenue
Glendale, Arizona  85308

Office: (623) 572-3451




BS Zoology Brigham Young University 1975
DPM Podiatric Medicine California College of Podiatric Medicine&nbsp 1979



Radiographic analysis and perioperative bunion assessment

Imaging is used to improve diagnosis and to monitor progress of osseous healing.  Various criteria are employed in the perioperative evaluation of bunions.  The focus of this research has been to determine which angles and distances are valid or are most valuable in the assessment and planning of the care of bunion deformities.


High standards of professionalism and caring are critical contributors to quality patient care.  The literature shows that empathy in medical students decreases from the time of matriculation in school to the time of graduation.  No such studies have been conducted in podiatric medical students.  A related question is whether or not interventions (such as participation in medical missions) can increase levels of empathy in such students.

Diabetic foot complications/Wound healing

Diabetes causes many different types of foot sequellae including loss of sensation, impairment of blood flow, and reduced resistance to infection.  Ulcerations are common and lead to infections, gangrene, and amputation.  Prevention and rapid healing of lower extremity ulcerations are critical to avoid limb loss.

Infectious diseases

In addition to diabetic foot infections, there are numerous other types of infections that commonly affect the foot, particularly fungal infections of the skin and nail.  Oral medications currently provide the highest rate of success in the eradication of fungal infections, but there is concern for drug interactions and adverse effects that limit their use.  Current research is focused on topical agents that may eliminate fungal infections more effectively than currently available agents.

Recent Research Projects

  1. Page JC, Corley C, Leatham P, Beck T. The relationship of  metatarsal protrusion distance to hallux valgus: a radiologic analysis, 2014-2015.
  2. Barbosa, P, Page JC.  Empathy in podiatric medical students, 2015-present.
  3. Wissman L, Smith R, Page JC.  Assessment of podiatric medical care in the aging population of Maricopa County, Arizona. 2008-2012. 
  4. Page JC, Gillroy K. A Proof of Concept Study.  The Use of Topical 1% Ciclopirox Olamine in the Management of Onychomycosis, 2010. 
  5. Page JC, Gillroy K. A Proof of Concept Study.  The Use of Topical 1% Ciclopirox Olamine in the Management of Tinea Pedis, 2010.
  6. Peace R, Mieras J, Freeman D, Thoms T, Page JC, Cooper K, Kim PJ. The Lack of Intra and Inter-rater Reliability of Ankle Joint Range of Motion Measurements, 2007-2008
  7. Page JC, Buan J, Woodruff D.  A Pilot Study to Determine the Performance of a Negative Pressure Device on Chronic Wounds of the Lower Leg and Foot, 2008,
  8. Page JC, Jedzidjic K, Simmons S, Omana R.  Intermetatarsal Distance versus Intermetatarsal Angle for Radiographic Preoperative Planning in Bunion Surgery, 2006-2010.

Selected Publications

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