Jen Phillips, PharmD, BCPS

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Midwestern University
Chicago College of Pharmacy
Alumni Hall 358
555 31st Street
Downers Grove, IL  60515


B.S.ChemistryUniversity of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy1996

PharmD Pharmacy University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy 2001


Pharmacy Practice Residency, Medical College of Virginia (MCV) Hospitals of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) 2002


PPRA 1513, Principles of Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice (Course Director/Instructor)

PPRA 1721, Introductory Pharmacy Practice III (Instructor)

PPRA 1621, Introduction to Health-System Pharamcy (Instructor)

PPRA 1631 (Instructor)

Selected Publications

Anderson G, Phillips J.  Use of a technician double check system to help reduce IV compounding errors.  KeePosted.  2015; March/April.   

Secord A, Phillips J.  Promoting Situational Awareness and a Culture of Safety.   KeePosted.  2015; February. 

Phillips J, Gettig JP, McLaughlin MM, Fajiculay JR, Advincula MR.  An analysis of motivation factors for pursuit of leadership positions by students.  Am J Pharm Educ 2015; 79(1). 

Phillips J, Ward, K.  Chapter 8.  Descriptive statistics.  In:  The clinical practice of drug information.   Jones & Bartlett Learning.  2015;p.141-52.

Phillips J, Lam C, Palmisano L.  Analysis of the accuracy and readability of herbal supplement information on Wikipedia.  J Am Pharm Assoc 2014;54: 406-414. 

Schneider K, Phillips J. (2014).  Lutein and zeaxanthin for age-related macular degeneration.  Illinois Pharmacist. 2014;76(2):33-35.

Phillips J, Bachenheimer B.  Medication errors associated with technology.  KeePosted 2013; 39(10).

Phillips J, Gabay M, Ficzere C, Ward K.  Instructional methods in drug information.  Ann Pharmacother 2012 Jun;46(6):793-801

Lukito J, Phillips J.  What's new in emergency contraception?  Illinois Pharmacist 2012; 73(3):16-17.