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Undergraduate degree:

B.S., Biology & Human Physiology, University of Wisconsin


West Bend, WI

At Midwestern, I know my voice will be heard and I know I will have a strong hand in deciding my path through the four-year program. ”

Joseph Delgado
Optometry Student, Class of 2024

Tell us about your path towards medicine.

My path into medicine started when I was very young and my father endured numerous ocular surgeries to correct some trauma he suffered during a fishing accident in his youth. I was fascinated by the investigative nature of medicine and impressed with the skills his physicians had. After completing my undergraduate degrees, I spent four years working in different medical specialties to get a better idea of what specialty would be right for my career. After working for a while as an EMT, I was hired by a hometown optometrist who very quickly showed me the light (pun intended.) At this point, I knew optometry was right for me but, unfortunately, I had been out of school for too long to enter directly back into a doctoral program so I spent a year at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio to earn my Master's Degree in Medical Physiology.

What made you choose Midwestern University?

I chose Midwestern University in Downers Grove because of how new the program was. Other optometry programs seemed to have a very rigid curriculum and little flexibility in regards to student needs and desires. Midwestern University did an exceptional job of showing me how involved students are in selecting their coursework and molding program policies and goals. At Midwestern, I know my voice will be heard and I know I will have a strong hand in deciding my path through the four-year program. I take pride in knowing that I will be one of the first few graduating classes from CCO and I look forward to being able to help build the impressions that medical professionals across the nation will have of this program.

What are you most excited about going forward?

Moving forward, I am most excited about being able to implant myself in the Midwestern community and become part of something bigger than myself. Building friendships and familiarizing myself with the University will help it feel like home to me. I have moved almost every year since completing my undergraduate programs and I'm looking forward to the stability and community this four-year program has to offer.

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Joseph Delgado is a Class of 2024 student from the Doctor of Optometry Program at the Chicago College of Optometry in Downers Grove.