Research Projects

Medical Education

Project I: Many medical schools have adopted an education model that integrates clinical knowledge with basic science education. This model is meant to make medical education more efficient, and better prepare students for future clinical practice. However, there are little data to examine whether clinical vignettes actually increase student knowledge of diseases otherwise not covered in a traditional curriculum. With Dr. Gail Demmler-Harrison (Baylor College of Medicine), I am examining medical and allied health student knowledge of congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV), and the place of cCMV in undergraduate medical education.

Project II: cCMV is among the leading causes of cerebral palsy in full-term infants, yet allied health practitioners have little knowledge of congenital CMV infection and its transmission. With Drs. Jodi Thomas (Midwestern University) and Amy Armstrong-Heimsoth (Northern Arizona University), I am examining therapist knowledge of cCMV, with the goal of developing a cCMV training module for allied health students and practitioners.

Project III: As medical students progress through their training, they must learn to manage emotional responses to disability so that they can approach patients empathetically and treat them effectively. Studies are inconsistent about whether empathy is amenable to educational intervention. In collaboration with several Midwestern University colleagues, I am examining the effect of words and images on student empathy, and attitudes towards individuals with disabilities

Selected Publications:

Muldoon KM, Demmler-Harrison G. In preparation. Does the use of clinical vignettes in anatomy education increase clinical knowledge?: a survey of congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV) knowledge amongst medical and allied health students. Anatomical Sciences Education

Armstrong AA, Thomas J, Muldoon KM. In review. Survey of Knowledge and Practices Regarding Cytomegalovirus Infection Amongst Occupational and Physical Therapists. PLoS One.