Research Projects


Project I: I conduct paleontological field research in two regions of southern Madagascar:

Southwestern Madagascar: With Alfie Rosenberger (Brooklyn College) and Laurie Godfrey (University of Massachusetts), we are exploring the submerged caves of Tsiminanampetsotsa National Park. In Aven Cave, we discovered what is likely to be the single largest cache of giant lemurs ever uncovered. As a natural trap for animal remains, Aven Cave is likely to produce a complete picture of local, past biodiversity. This research was funded by the National Geographic Society and the National Science Foundation.

Southcentral Madagascar: Recent exploration at Christmas River has revealed a diverse early Holocene fauna that dates to approximately 10,000 years ago. The presence of southern-limited, forest-dependent species at Christmas River supports the hypothesis that forest once extended, perhaps discontinuously, across the central highlands towards the west. In collaboration with Brooke Crowley (University of Cincinnati) and P.J. Perry (The Pennsylvania State University), we are conducting research at Christmas River to assess local mobility and geographic barriers to gene flow to the East and South of Madagascar.

Project II:  I am broadly interested in the relationship between habitat, geography, and the evolution of mammal community structure in Madagascar. My principal collaborator in such projects is Steve Goodman (Vahatra and The Field Museum).

Selected Publications (Full list available on Google Scholar):

Muldoon KM, Crowley BE, Godfrey LR, Simons EL. 2017. Predation on subfossil Prolemur simus by multiple predator species at Ankarana Massif, northern Madagascar:
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