Kathy D. Hall, PT, EdD

Associate Professor

Midwestern University
College of Health Sciences
Physical Therapy Program
Alumni Hall 320C
555 31st St.
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Office: (630) 515-7220
e-mail: khallx@midwestern.edu


Ed.D. Adult and Higher Education Norther Illinois University 2005
M.S. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Northwestern University 1992
B.S. Physical Therapy Northwestern University 1984
B.S Health, Physical Education and Rec East Stroudsburg University 1981


Dr. Hall is a physical therapist whose primary scholarly interest focuses on initial and continuing professional development of physical therapists. 

Research projects

Theme 1:

Ultimate Frisbee  is a fast growing, non-contact sport in the U.S. Although ultimate is growing, there is little research in regard to the sport or to injuries related to the sport. The goals of the research in this area are to investigate the following: capture data related to treatment, lost playing time, and return to play in ultimate players; investigate the incidence of concussion and concussion symptoms in players; investigate how often players who have had head injuries are officially screened and/or treated for concussion; and to investigate the availability and utilization of health care for injured players. The research questions in this theme are addressed through the scholarship of discovery.

Theme 2:

Professional development of new graduate physical therapists in the professional practice expectations related to their scholarship and professional behavior skills is of significant interest to physical therapist education programs. I am presently engaged in 2 projects related to Theme 2. The first project is a systematic review being conducted with a physical therapy program graduate on the effect of ankle bracing or taping on the biomechanics of the knee during sporting activities. The second project is investigating the impact of an underperforming professional behaviors program on physical therapist student professionalism scores on the Clinical Performance Instrument. These research questions are addressed through the scholarship of integration and the scholarship of discovery respectively.

Theme 3:

Evaluation of professional development in entry-level students is dependent on the quality of date collected for this purpose.  Employer surveys are commonly used as one of the data points used to evaluate the professional development of physical therapy students. We need to validate that employer surveys of PT graduates are an appropriate measure to use for this purpose. The research question in this theme is addressed through the scholarship of discovery.

Selected Publications

Articles and Abstracts:

Petersen, CM, Zimmermann, CL, Hall, KD, Przechera, SJ, Julian, J and Coderre, N.  (2009). Upper Limb Neurodynamic Test of the Radial Nerve: A Study of Responses in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Subjects.  J Hand Ther 22(4): 344-354.

Hall, KD, Coderre, N, Julian, J, Przechera, SJ, and Petersen, CM (2003).  Sensory responses of asymptomatic and symptomatic subjects using the radial nerve-biased upper limb tension test.  Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 33(2), p. A-17.

Hall, K.D. (1999).  Health Promotion in the Community: Practical Experience for Physical Therapy Students. Physical Therapy, 79(5), p. S61.

Budiman-Mak, E, Guihan, ML, Orebaugh, C, Thomas, C, Hall, K, Villa, H, Subbarao, J, and Lawson, L.  Edward Hines, Jr.  VA Hospital, Hines, IL (1996).  Regional meeting of American College of Rheumatology:  The reliability of fitness and function test battery for elderly osteoarthritis.

Hall, K.D., Hayes, K.W. and Falconer, J. (1993)  Differential strength decline in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee: Revision of a hypothesis.  Arthritis Care and Research, 6, 89-96.

Doctoral Dissertation:

Hall, KD. (2005).  Lifelong learning in physical therapy: Characteristics and facilitation of initial and continuing professional education.  Northern Illinois University, 235 pages, Proquest Digital Dissertations, AAT 3173586


Hayes, KW and Hall, KD (2012).  Manual for Physical Agents, 6th ed.  Pearson Education, Inc: Upper Saddle River.

Book Chapter:

Salzman, AJ and Hall, KD (2007).  Human Resource Development and Professional Development of Physical Therapists in Human Resource.