Larry N Williams, DDS

Assistant Professor

Midwestern University
College of Dental Medicine-Illinois (CDMI)
Science Hall, Room 211-T
555 31st St.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Office: (630) 515-6448


Bachelor of Arts Zoology University of Tennessee-Knoxville 1977
Doctor of Dental Surgery Dentistry University of Tennessee-Memphis 1982
American Board of General Dentistry Dentistry USAF 2-year General Dentistry Residency 1995


Tobacco Use Intervention- Policies, Clinical Cessation, and Provider Education

My work in tobacco use intervention has spanned over two decades.  During my 30 year career in the United States Navy Dental Corps I was heavily involved in addressing the intervention of healthcare providers as they treated patients who used tobacco products.  Additional work focused on tobacco use intervention policies in the Navy, Marine Corps, Department of Defense, and the VA. Upon retirement from the Navy I have been very active with the National Development and Research Institutes as they work to assist the military in evaluating their tobacco policies.  My current research has mostly been serving in a consultation role based on my previous experience in military tobacco issues. 

As a faculty member at Midwestern I have also become involved in clinical research.  The first project is one that looks at a popular internet topic on "Oil-Pulling".  This technique has been proposed by researchers in India to effectively remove stains and reduce plaque on the user's teeth.  This research in currently in the beginning stages of the project.

Another area of research focus will be on the health needs of geriatric patients.  Research will be developed to look at the recognition and treatment of anxiety in geriatric patients undergoing oral healthcare.  Another project will be to provide a needs assessment of geriatric patients residing in senior living facilities near the CDMI campus.

Getch, S., Anaya, E., Lee, M. M., Krumdick, N., Williams, L., & Workman, G. M. (Accepted, July, 2015: $6000.00).     An examination of dental anxiety in older adults within a university dental training clinic setting.  Submitted for funding through the Geriatric Research and Education Facilitation Grant through Midwestern University.

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