MWU Libraries

Staff Directory

Listed for campuses in Downers Grove, IL (DG) and Glendale, AZ (AZ) and hospital libraries at Olympia Fields, IL (OF) and Chicago Heights, IL (CH).

Areyzaga, Arwen DG Library Technician 630.515.6200
Banks, Shawna DG Library Technician/Circulation 630.515.6200
Blair, Karen DG Library Technician/Circulation 630.515.6200
Bogue, Joyce DG Library Technician/Technical Services 630.515.6179
Bravender, Holly DG eResources Librarian 630.515.6420
Caton, Rebecca DG Assistant Director of Library Services 630.515.6190
Gazda, Arabela AZ Library Technician 623.572.3308
Gibson, Emily AZ Access Services Coordinator 623.572.4347
Grooms, Dan DG University Archivist 630.515.7143
Harris, Olivia CH Library Technician 708.756.1000 x6150
High, Vicki OF Library Technician 708.747.4000 x1190
Hirt, Mary DG Library Technician/Interlibrary Loan 630.515.6196
Jensen, Nada DG Library Technician/Technical Services 630.515.6180
Juarez, Edwin AZ Library Technician 623.572.3308
Lencioni, Katy DG Health Sciences Librarian 630.515.6221
Liu, Connie DG Library Technician/Interlibrary Loan 630.515.6196
McKernan, Jennifer AZ Library Technician 623.572.3308
Nadler, Barbara AZ Health Sciences Librarian 623.572.3305
Nilles, Linda DG Senior Administrative Assistant 630.515.6185
Pierce, Kristen DG Library Technician/Circulation 630.515.6200
Reed, Natalie DG Director of Library Services 630.515.6183
Rivas, Lorna AZ Library Technician 623.572.3308
Robison, Susan AZ Library Technician 623.572.3308
Savini, Donna AZ Library Technician 623.572.3308
Suhadolc, Jamie DG Access Services Coordinator 630.515.7202
Touch, Kanha DG Library Technician/Circulation 630.515.6200
Wong, Pui DG Technical Services Manager 630.515.6182