Find it faster with Discover@MWU search tool!

What is Discover@MWU?
The Discover@MWU search tool is a way to search more than one library database at a time, including searching the library catalog. It is a fast, convenient way to get an overview of what MWU has access to without having to search each database independently. Discover@MWU currently searches the library catalog, plus the following databases: Academic Search Premier, CINAHL, IPA, MEDLINE, PsycINFO, and SportDiscus.

How does Discover@MWU work?
Discover@MWU harvests information from the library catalog and six different databases to provide the most relevant information to your search terms in a fast, convenient way. The algorithim involved in the data harvesting involves making abstract and title text matches higher in relevance than, say, an added note.

What are the benefits of Discover@MWU?
Discover@MWU provides you with a unique opportunity to scan library collections from the convenience of one search. Although the individual database benefits (such as controlled vocabulary and limiting by peer review) are lost with Discover@MWU, this search tool provides an excellent place to begin a broad search.

Where can I learn more?
Call or email us! We would be glad to share more.