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Consumer Health

American Cancer Society (ACS)

The wealth of material available at the ACS site includes facts about specific types of cancer, information on available treatments including alternative and complimentary treatments, and advice on prevention and early detection.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The mission of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. This site links to prevention guidelines, statistics, the online version of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), and more.


Consumer and Patient Health Information Section (CAPHIS)

The Consumer and Patient Heath Information Section (CAPHIS), a section of the Medical Library Association, provides links to web sites for consumers of healthcare including men, women, children, and health care professionals. CAPHIS also provides drug information resources for consumers.

Health information for the whole family from the American Academy of Family Physicians.


Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC)

The FCIC is a trusted, one-stop source for answers to questions about federal agencies, programs and services. Click on "Health" and view numerous federal publications on health related topics.


Go Ask Alice!

Go Ask Alice! is the health question and answer internet service produced by Columbia University's Health Education Program. This site lets the patient ask health related questions, see the latest inquiries and responses to questions, and search for information on health related topics. is a consumer health information web site from the US Department of Health & Human Services containing access to online publications, clearing houses, databases, web sites, support groups, and links to government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable information for the public.



This unique commercial web site offers a different approach to accessing health information by offering daily news consumer health videos. These videos address a wide range of health topics and is supported by the NBC Digital Health Network.



Aetna InteliHealth's expert editors develop consumer-friendly health information to make it accessible to the widest possible audience. To promote quality, health information is reviewed and approved by leading medical and dental experts. More than 150 top health care organizations contribute to InteliHealth's content, including the National Institutes of Health and other government agencies, major non-profit organizations, other publishers and news media.



MedlinePlus links to information to help answer patient health questions. MedlinePlus brings together authoritative information by health topic from such authoritative sources such as the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), other government, non-profit and other health-related organizations. Preformulated MEDLINE searches are included in MedlinePlus to give easy access to the medical research literature. It also provides you with a database of full-text drug information, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, surgical videos and more.



NetWellness is a non-profit consumer health web site that provides high quality information created and evaluated by medical and health professional faculty at the University of Cincinnati, Case Western Reserve University and Ohio State University.


NOAH: New York Online Access to Health
NOAH is a unique responsible and authoritative bilingual health information site, dedicated to health consumers.



OncoLink provides comprehensive information about specific types of cancer, updates on cancer treatments and news about research advances. This site was founded by University of Pennsylvania cancer specialists.


Tox Town

Tox Town is a project of the Specialized Information Services Division of the National Library of Medicine and is part of its mission to address the toxicology and environmental health information needs of the general public. Tox Town uses color, graphics, sounds and animation to add interest to learning about connections between chemicals, the environment, and the public's health. It is a companion to the extensive information in the TOXNET collection of databases that are typically used by toxicologists and health professionals.


Virtual Hospital

Created by the University of Iowa, the Virtual Hospital is a digital library containing hundreds of books and brochures for doctors and patients.


Word on Health: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The National Institutes of Health play a major role in finding better ways to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. The practical health information in The NIH Word on Health is based on research conducted either by NIH's own scientists or by grantees at universities and medical schools around the country.

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