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Evidence Based Medicine & Healthcare

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) research provides evidence-based information on health care outcomes; quality and cost, use and access. Information from AHRQ’s research helps people make more informed decisions and improve the quality of health care services.

Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care: Evidence Review and Synthesis Center

Evidence Review and Synthesis Centre (ERSC) is responsible for developing systematic evidence reviews to inform practice guidelines and recommendations. ERSC appraises and synthesizes the latest data on clinical interventions to provide a solid evidence summary. Supported by McMaster University and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM)
CEBM, from the University of Oxford, is a leader in evidence-based medicine (EBM) research and education. CEBM's aim is to develop, teach and promote evidence-based medicine and to provide support and resources to doctors and health care professionals to help maintain the highest standards of medicine. The site includes CATmaker, the software for creating critically appraised topics, EBM calculators, critical appraisal sheets, a link to (CEBM blog), and more.

Diagnositc Test Calculator

This calculator can determine diagnostic test characteristics (sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios) and/or determine the post-test probability of disease given the pre-test probability and test characteristics. It also computes given sample sizes and confidence intervals.


Edward G. Miner Library Evidence-Based Health Care Resources

Produced at the University of Rochester, this site includes a link to "Tools and Search Filters" which is useful for designing literature searches in order to retrieve high quality articles.

Evaluating the Literature: Quality Filtering and Evidence-Based Medicine and Health

Succinct guidelines from the National Library of Medicine for evaluating the literature.

Evidence Based Health Care Resources from MLA
Evidence Review and Synthesis from the Medical Library Association. It contains master lists of web resources as well as tutorials.

Evidence Based On-Call
This database is designed for users who want to integrate the best available evidence with their own personal skills and expertise to improve the care of their patients. In keeping with this, each topic covered in Evidence Based On-Call provides not a cookbook of what to do, but a series of recommendations about issues to consider when caring for patients. The site comprises two sections:
Guides and CATs. A CAT is a Critically Appraised Topic, i.e. a summary of the evidence contained in a medical journal article. Guides provide bullet-point recommendations on the diagnosis and management of a range of on-call conditions. Each guide is divided into sections, such as diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, etc. Each section is made up of a series of recommendations, with information on the levels of evidence supporting them.

Health Services/Technology Assessment Text (HSTAT)

HSTAT is a free, Web-based resource of full-text documents that provides health information and supports health care decision making. HSTAT's audience includes health care providers, health service researchers, policy makers, payers, consumers and the information professionals who serve these groups.


Pediatric Clinical Care Medicine
This site includes information on how to clinically appraise the medical literature; gather statistics and trial designs for clinicians; understand systematic reviews and evidence-based medicine in critical care.

User's Guide to the Medical Literature
The Users' Guide to the Medical Literature web site contains the entire Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice CD-ROM content. It makes this content interactive with dynamic tips, worksheets, calculators, and illustrative clinical cases. New interactive features are added continually.

**MWU resources such as Cochrane Library and Essential Evidence Plus are available on our Databases page.