Lisa M. Palmisano, PharmD, BCACP

Assistant Professor, Clinical Pharmacist

Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP)
Department of Pharmacy Practice
555 31st Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Office: (630) 515-6947

Clinical Practice Site
Midwestern MultiSpecialty Clinic
3450 Lacey Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Clinic: (630) 743- 4500



PGY- 1 Pharmacy Practice Residency            Midwestern University CCP
Pharm.D.                                                   Univ. of Illinois Chicago - College of Pharmacy
B.S. - Biochemistry                                     Univ. of Illinois Urbana - Champaign  


Professional students' education in an interprofessional clinic

Interprofessionalism is being emphasized throughout many academic institutions' curriculum and student experiences.  Working alongside healthcare professionals within the family medicine, dental medicine, physical therapy, and other healthcare domains, I am interested in capturing the respective professional students' perceptions as well as knowledge gained through the opportunities which interprofessional collaboration was provided.  The interaction with clinical pharmacy and dental medicine is an area which little research has been done to show the potential positive outcomes of how a clinical pharmacy team may enhance the learning of pharmacology through the dental students' treatment plans with direct patient care experiences.  Also, the enhanced learning between various domains of professional students while providing interprofessional services has yet to be evaluated.  These are areas of educational research which I am exploring.

Interprofessional collaboration impact on patient care

Clinical pharmacy services such as: educating a patient on a new medical condition or medication, assessing how well the medical condition is controlled (e.g. checking blood pressure), evaluating laboratory values to make medication changes, reviewing potential drug interactions, and more, are some of the roles of the clinical pharmacist in a multispecialty clinic.  The pharmacy team provides direct patient care to dental and family medicine patients.  Given the unique opportunity of providing direct interprofessional patient care through the collaboration with other healthcare professionals, there is a need to assess the outcomes of this approach.  The pharmacist's role in a family medicine has been widely reviewed, and there is growing research to show the outcomes of an interprofessional approach (e.g. patient-centered medical home model) on patient care.   Concurrently, as a pharmacist providing services to the dental patients in regards to education on medical conditions, evaluating potential interactions, and other information, there is limited research to show the potential influence a pharmacist may have on the outcomes of dental care in minimizing potential drug- drug interactions, drug disease state interactions, patient compliance, and other areas which may enhance patient care in a dental clinic.  My interest is to evaluate the outcomes of interprofessional collaboration on the impact of patient care in the respective medicine clinics. 


Project I: Establishing pharmacy services in a dental medicine clinic is an area of medical practice which is unique and the systematic approach of developing a process for this interprofessional interaction is not clearly defined.  This research project allows the pharmacy and dental team to evaluate the reasons of why a pharmacist is being prompted to participate in the patient case, the types of interventions the pharmacist is making during these consults, and a summary of the types of patients whom the pharmacist is frequently meeting with (e.g. patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and/or other medical conditions).  From this research, the pharmacy and dental team are able to re-assess the effectiveness of the protocol and include additional patient factors which would prompt the pharmacy team to provide the necessary patient care.

Project II: The interaction with the clinical pharmacy team and dental students is a concept which is new to the interprofessional model.  This research is to capture the dental students' perceptions of a pharmacist and dental pharmacy knowledge before the dental students start their clinical practice experience and compare those results to after 1 year of clinical practice with the potential of collaborating with the pharmacy team.  From this information, it may allow for potential explorations of additional clinical practices that may enhance student knowledge for patient care.    


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