Medha Joshi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Member Nanomedicine Center of Excellence in Translational Cancer Research

Dr. Joshi

Chicago College of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Midwestern University
365 Alumani Hall
555 31st St.
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Office: 630-515-6963

EDUCATION (Curriculum Vitae)

B.Pharm. Pharmacy Pune University (India) 2000
M. Pharm Pharmaceutics Pune University (India) 2002
Ph.D. Pharmaceutics Institute of Chemical technology, Mumbai University (India) 2006


Research Scientist (December 2010-March 2011)

At Ocean Nanotechnology, Springdale, Arkansas. Formulated nanocolloids, inorganic nanoparticles, conjugated proteins, antibodies, biopolymers (e.g. chitosan) and other targeting agents to iron oxide nanoparticles and quantum dots. Launched lipid nanocolloid range of products for bismuth as imaging agent. Wrote proposals for federal funding.

Post doctoral fellow (November 2008- June 2010)

At Faculty of Science, Department of Pharmaceutics, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, with the research group of Prof. Gert Storm. Project entitled "The glycomics approach for the treatment of cancer". Formulated various types of stimuli sensitive liposomes which are targeted towards the antigen presenting dendritic cells. These liposomes encapsulated with cancer antigens can be used as a cancer vaccine. After successful in vitro and in vivo results the projects aims to scale up this liposome vaccine and for further clinical assesment.

DAAD Post Doctoral fellow (October 2007- September 2008)

Free University of Berlin, Germany with research group of Prof. Rainer H. Müller. Project entitled "Development of Nanocrystals and Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for the delivery of drugs and Cosmeceuticals".  Experience in working for industries (e.g. Amore Pacific, South Korea) interested in making lipid nanoparticles for cosmetics use like sunscreens and other natural products for oral and topical delivery.

Visiting Fellow (March 2007-May 2007)

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, India, with the research group of Prof. Shobhona Sharma. Project entitled 'Genetic polymorphism of host molecules involved in immunity and immunoregulation in Human Filariasis'. Experience in molecular biology techniques like polymerase chain reaction, gel electrophoresis, flow cytometry, ELISA, searching gene database etc.



Targeted drug delivery using nanoparticles

Advances in targeted drug delivery have led to drug formulations that have improved tissue-specific, as well as cell-specific accumulation of therapeutic molecules in the hope of improved efficacy and reduced side effects. My research lab focuses on development of "nanoparticulate" based formulations for the said purpose. Currently I have two projects going on in the lab:

1.     Design and development of a clinically acceptable, long circulating liposomal delivery system for IRL-1620 and its evaluation in cerebral ischemia rat models.

In the present study, we propose to test the hypothesis that polyethylene glycol (PEG)ylated liposomal delivery of ETB receptor agonist, IRL-1620 may be efficacious in the treatment of cerebral ischemia. PEGylated liposomes encapsulating IRL-1620 with and without a cationic charge and "targeted" PEGylated liposomes to the transferrin receptor on the brain endothelium will be formulated. Further, these nanocarriers will be tested for their neuroprotection efficiency on pheochromocytoma cells in vitro. The liposomal nanocarriers of IRL-1620 will be elucidated for their ability to accumulate in the brain and amelioration of infarct volume, neurological deficit and motor functions in vivo, in a cerebral ischemia rat model. This study will help in generating the proof of concept that by delivering IRL-1620 in long circulating PEGylated liposomal nanocarriers, higher efficiency in dose and dosing frequency can be achieved. This will have a tremendous clinical significance in the management of stroke, wherein restoration of blood flow and attenuation of secondary damage to the penumbral area by IRL-1620 will be achieved for a longer period of time with fewer side effects and at a higher efficacy.

2. HPLC/LCMS assay development for analytical estimation  of actives from biological matrices

3. Classifying and overcoming fetal and maternal vancomycin-induced kidney injury: a pregnant rat model to understand and a new formulation to circumvent  


1. Vandana Patravale, Medha Joshi and Shobhona Sharma Indian patent entitled "Lipid nanoparticulate dosage forms of antiparasitics and antiinfectives" Patent number 248977, date of filing 28th June 2006, patent granted.

2. Vandana Patravale, Soniya Jain, Medha Joshi, Priyanka Prabhu and Shobhona Sharma Indian patent entitled "Nanodrug Delivery Based On Combination Therapy For Treating Parasite Infections" patent application no. 3567/MUM/2013.

Book Chapter

1. Invited to write a book chapter Patravale V., Joshi M., Nanocarriers for imaging applications, in: F. Monzer (Ed.) Colloids in Drug Delivery, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2010, pp. 563-611. 

2. Invited to write a book chapter Joshi M, Chuagule M., "Liposomes based drug delivery for the treatment of lung cancer" Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, American Scientific publishers to be published in 2016.

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