Summer is here! I'm excited to get a fast start on a fun, productive year with my first batch of students in my lab at MWU!



Senior Research Associate


2 Pharm D-2
1 OMS-2


Several candidates are sought for participation in extracurricular research investigations in the area of targeted nanoparticle based drug delivery.  Research opportunities include hands on experience with formulation of nanoparticles, cell/molecular biology techniques, analytical techniques and animal handling.  The goal of the program is to give the student the experience of completing a research project from bench to clinical research.


Applicant Qualifications: 

The applicant must be a highly motivated, productive team player with the ability to integrate into a team, adapt to new projects, and work on multiple tasks simultaneously.  The student must demonstrate a 3.0 GPA in their current MWU training.


The student must either:

1.  Obtain research support from the CCP Student Research Program. The deadline for application is Feb 2013, a Dr. Joshi will work with an interested individual to attempt to secure this funding.



2.  Complete research as an elective class.  Various levels of involvement exist (from 1-3 credit hours).  It is expected that the student will work ~3 hours/week for each credit hour.


3.  Complete research under the "Work Study" program.


Salary Support:

Students may be compensated under the CCP student Research Program ($10-12/hour) if they are successful in obtaining funding.  Additionally, Dr. Joshi will work with the recipient to secure funding for the student to present research findings in an educational forum.


Who should Apply?:

All candidates meeting the qualifications and with an interest in drug delivery/pharmaceutics research should consider application.  The most important qualification is a strong desire to complete novel research.  Dr. Joshi will work closely with you to ensure adequate funding throughout the program.


How to Apply: 

Interested individuals should contact Dr. Joshi by email at