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Undergraduate degree:

Albright College, Bachelor of Science in Biology


Middletown, New York

One of my greatest passions is to provide to underrepresented minorities the resources, opportunities, and connections that I didn’t have growing up. ”

Mia Felix
Veterinary Student, Class of 2024

What inspired you to pursue a healthcare career?

At Middletown High School, there was a unique opportunity to participate in a biomedical sciences curriculum. This 2-year-long program, additional to the high school curriculum, allowed me to explore a variety of careers within healthcare beyond a typical medical degree. Although my family’s background is heavily founded on government jobs and business, I knew after completing this program that I aspired to pursue a career in science and healthcare. Through this route, I could impact the lives of those around me and promote the values of diversity and inclusion as a Hispanic woman in STEM.

How did your background and history factor into your career choice?

As a first-generation graduate school student and first to pursue a healthcare degree, this journey is incredibly special to me and my family. Through my family’s sacrifices, I have the privilege of pursuing my dream of veterinary medicine, as well as honoring their hard work given that my successes are a reflection of their endless support. However, the combination of the small number of practicing Hispanic/Latinx veterinarians and my family’s background in business rather than healthcare meant that I essentially had to “research” my way to veterinary school. I lacked the resources, opportunities, and connections to gain veterinary experience early on, but that only motivated me to pave my own way and leave footprints to help the next generation of minority veterinarians.

Why did you decide to attend Midwestern University?

To put it simply, when I visited Midwestern University in January 2020, I was in awe of how beautiful the campus was. Not only were the campus and clinical facilities state-of-the-art, but the innovative approach to their curriculum and commitment to providing ample hands-on veterinary opportunities made Midwestern University truly stand out.

What about a Midwestern University education do you want to carry forward in your career?

Moving forward in my career, I strive to carry the ideals of innovation and research with me. The innovative veterinary curriculum, coupled with the extraordinary opportunities I gained from the Midwestern University Summer Research Program, influences me to seek out new opportunities for leadership, growth, and positive change within veterinary medicine.

Why is it important for Midwestern University to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

As healthcare professionals who serve diverse and culturally rich communities, it is imperative for all students, faculty, and staff at Midwestern University to challenge themselves to learn more about other cultures. By demonstrating a commitment to cultural competence and awareness, each healthcare provider immensely strengthens their interpersonal skills and exercises their ability to empathize with their clients and patients. By celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, the Midwestern University community empowers Hispanic/Latinx voices as well as represents a healthcare program that promotes the values of diversity and inclusion.

What do you wish others knew about your culture?

I wish others knew how genuinely fun my Hispanic culture is. Every Saturday morning as a kid, I would wake up to salsa and merengue music blasting as my family started cleaning the house. All to say, everything is a party, and music will always be on the agenda.

Anything else you’d like to add?

One of my greatest passions is to provide to underrepresented minorities the resources, opportunities, and connections that I didn’t have growing up. Regardless of what your dream career is and regardless of whether you ever saw someone that looks like you in that profession, go full force at your dream, because you are 1000% capable through dedication and hard work.

Mia Felix

Mia Felix is a Class of 2024 student from the College of Veterinary Medicine in Glendale.