Michael T. Rupp, PhD

Professor of Pharmacy Administration

Midwestern University
College of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Cholla Hall, Room #212-3
19555 N 59th Avenue
Glendale, AZ  85308

Office: (623) 572-3528 Fax: (623) 572-3549


PhD  Pharmaceutical Administration The Ohio State University
MS Pharmaceutical Administration The Ohio State University
BS Pharmacy University of Kansas 


Medication Quality and Safety - Projects that focused on improving the quality and safety of medication use through better drug utilization review (DUR) and the appropriate application of health information technologies, including electronic prescribing.

Towards creating the perfect electronic prescription
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A Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative for Electronic Prescribing in Ambulatory Care
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Evaluation of a user guidance reminder to improve the quality of electronic prescription messages
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Assessing the effect of providing a pharmacist with patient diagnosis on electronic prescription orders: a pilot study
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Analysis of community chain pharmacists' interventions on electronic prescriptions
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Evaluation of e-prescribing in chain community pharmacy: best-practice recommendations
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The role of pharmacy computer systems in preventing medication errors
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Establishing realistic performance standards for community pharmacists' drug-use-review activities in managed care contracts
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Prescribing problems and pharmacist interventions in community practice
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Value of community pharmacists' interventions to correct prescribing errors
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Cost Analysis and ReimbursementProjects that focus on analyzing the costs of community pharmacy services and implementing new professional services

Analysis of costs to dispense prescriptions in independently owned, closed-door long-term care pharmacies
Carroll NV, Rupp MT, Holdford DA. J Manag Care Spec Pharm. 2014 Mar;20(3):291-300.

Analyzing the costs to deliver medication therapy management services
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Performing and billing for cognitive services: implications for the US
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Developing and marketing a community pharmacy-based asthma management program
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A condition for compensation: defining the patient's need
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