Strong CCP Presence at APhA National Meeting

Posted by: Nancy Fjortoft, Ph.D., Dean and Professor

April 10, 2017

The American Pharmacist Association (APhA) is a national pharmacy organization whose mission is to empower its members to improve medication use and advance patient care. APhA accomplishes this in part through its annual meeting where thousands of pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy educators gather to learn and share. The 2017 APhA meeting was March 24-27, 2017, in San Francisco, CA. Midwestern University's Chicago College of Pharmacy was well represented by faculty, students, and alumni. We are especially proud of Drs. Mary Ann Kliethermes and Spencer Harpe who were presented with awards recognizing their excellence and contributions to pharmacy. APhA offers outstanding programs for students, and our students were well represented. A complete list is below.

Dr. Mary Ann Kliethermes-Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award
Dr. Mary Ann Kliethermes-Fellow, APHA-APPM
Dr. Spencer Harpe-Fellow, APhA-APRS

Podium Presentations
Dr. Cornell-Maxed Out on Metformin: Now What?
Dr. Cornell-Overcoming the Clinical Challenges to Basal Insulin Usage in Type 2 Diabetes.
Dr. Cornell-Diabetes and Obesity: The Evolution of the Egregious 11.
Dr. Kliethermes-Getting Down to Billing Basics
Eileen Hang, PS4-ASP Communications Workshop

Poster Presentations
Van Dril, Malone, Caputo, Hamper, Winkler. A survey of heart failure patients on their disease state knowledge and perceptions of pharmacists' ability to impact heart failure self-management skills in a community pharmacy setting.

Sadi, Ismail, Arif, Mazan, Harpe. Evaluating the psychometric properties of the communication skills attitude scale in pharmacy students.

Patel, Vest, Myftari, Griffin, Kliethermes. Challenges to integration into a large medical group by clinical practice.

Palmisano, Mazan. This won't hurt a bit: Establishing clinical pharmacy services in a dental medicine clinic.

Kamaryt, Winkler. Baseline knowledge of an opioid reversal agent in the community pharmacy setting.

Chatman, Dimovski, Malone, Hamper, Winkler. Pharmacists' baseline knowledge and perception of tech-check-tech in the community pharmacy setting.

Eileen Hang, PS4--Chair, APhA-ASP Communications Standing Committee
Eileen Hang, PS4--APhA-ASP Delegate
Dr. Harpe--Associate Editor, Journal of the American Pharmacists Association

Dr. Zavod-APhA-APRS Education Standing Committee
Dr. D'Souza-Editorial Advisory Board, Pharmacy Times
Dan Chen, PS3, Christopher Lee, PS2--APPM Diabetes Management SIG Student Affairs Committee
Eileen Hang-Editorial Advisory Board, Student Pharmacist Magazine

Bennett and Kliethermes. How to Implement the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process.
Contributors: D'Souza, Hodgman, Zdyb.

Counseling Competition Participant
Brita Jensen, PS3

Session Moderators
Maria Ochoa, PS3--Maxed Out on Metformin: Now What?
Brita Jensen, PS3--Diabetes and Obesity: The Evolution of the Egregious 11.