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AZ: Clinical Rotation Regional Showcase

January  20, 2018

Time:8:00 am - 2:15 pm

Clinical Rotation Regional Showcase: OMSI and OMSII's will be able to meet clinical rotation regional site representatives, and learn important information about clinical rotation regions, sites, and the clinical faculty.

Exhibitors will be able to speak directly with students during their Clinical Rotation region selection process, present important information about your clinical rotation regions, sites, and clinical faculty, as well as meet AZCOM Clinical Department Chairs and Clinical Coordinators. There is no registration fee to attend and lunch will be provided. For more information contact Tara Gaines at

Showcase Agenda

8:00am-8:15am Welcome and Introductions Agave Hall. Rooms 114/118
8:15am-9:15am AZCOM Dean Presentation and Crurricluar Updates Agave Hall, Rooms 114/118
9:30am-11:30am Clinical Rotation Region Presentations to OMSI and II (7 minutes each) Auditorium 3
11:30am-12:15pm Lunch Campus Cafe/Ramada
12:30pm-2:00pm Open Table Discussions/Q&A with OMSI & II Students Wellness & Recreation Center: Gym
2:00-2:15pm Wrap Up Wellness & Recreation Center: Gym

Lodging and Transportation

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