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AZ: Annual Brain Bee Set for February

February 14, 2009

by Karen Mattox

What determines intelligence? Why do we need sleep? How do scientists measure brain waves? For answers, Arizona high school students are invited to participate in the annual Midwestern University¯Arizona Regional Brain Bee on Wednesday, February 11th at 5:00 PM at MWU's campus, 19555 North 59th Avenue in Glendale.

A live competition similar to a spelling bee, the Brain Bee offers the chance to compete for scholarships and other prizes by answering questions about the brain and central nervous system.

Participation is free, and benefits include:
• First prize scholarship of $2000 toward tuition in any MWU program at its Glendale, AZ or Downers Grove, IL campuses;
• First prize free round-trip airfare for two and $500 toward expenses for the winner to compete in the National Brain Bee in Washington, D.C.;
• Team awards for the best overall school;
• Certificates and t-shirts for all participants.

Bee contest questions will be taken from the book Brain Facts, published by the Society for Neuroscience, and will include information about many aspects of the brain: Memory, Emotions, Learning, Sensations, Aging, Brain Disorders, Stroke, and more.

To register for the 2009 Brain Bee, contact T. Bucky Jones, Ph.D., MWU Assistant Professor of Anatomy, at 623/572-3733 or via email at Or, visit us at to download the registration form. Registration deadline: February 1st.

To download a free copy of the contest book, Brain Facts, visit the Society for Neuroscience at:

Test your knowledge with these sample questions from the Brain Bee:
1. Approximately how many neurons does the brain contain? (100 billion)
2. Name the device that measures brain waves. (Electroencephalograph)
3. What is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation? (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

More Information

For more information, please contact:
Karen Mattox