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AZ: Body Donation Program Opens on Glendale Campus

March 07, 2016

by Office of Communications

In January, Midwestern University opened its Body Donation Program on the Glendale, Arizona campus to continue to enhance the quality of education for tomorrow's healthcare professionals.

Body donation programs and facilities allow medical and healthcare students the opportunity to learn vital skills, gain first-hand knowledge, and acquire diagnostic techniques that prepare them to be caring career professionals.

When people choose to donate their bodies to a medical school program, the act is not only one of supreme generosity by the donors and their families, but it also provides an irreplaceable and invaluable resource to medical students. The opportunity to study a cadaver gives healthcare students a hands-on, intimate association with human anatomy that no simulation or reproduction can offer. From this association, future physicians and other healthcare professionals become familiar with - and in many instances, improve upon - medical and surgical techniques and procedures.

The significance of this gift to healthcare education is not lost upon the students and faculty for whom such programs are such a benefit. Donated bodies are treated with the highest standards of security, dignity, and respect. When anatomical studies are complete, the cremated remains are returned to families in strict accordance with their wishes.

You and your loved ones can leave a lasting, important mark on medical science and the future of healthcare education. By participating in a body donation program, you leave the best possible legacy: understanding and knowledge.

For more information on the Midwestern University Body Donation Program, visit or call 623/806-7990.

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