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IL: Student Share Medication Management Expertise

May 14, 2010

by Office of Communications

Students present their final projects for the class Medication Management in Primary and Secondary Schools.

Pharmacy and biomedical science students taking an elective course on medication management in schools recently presented their course projects to the campus community. The students worked in groups to develop posters, informational pamphlets, and presentations about medications used to treat various disease states.

"This project helps students learn how much their expertise is needed in the primary and secondary school setting," said Thomas Reutzel, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacy Administration. "Schools really need the expertise of pharmacists to help them manage students who take medication either before or during school."

The students tailored their research to specific audiences such as parents, school nurses, or children. Topics included depression, allergies, asthma, ADHD, and more. "I definitely learned that ADHD was more prevalent than I thought. We focused on how to educate school nurses about working with kids on ADHD medication," said Allyson Greenberg, a first year pharmacy student at Midwestern University's Chicago College of Pharmacy.


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