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IL: CDMI Students Volunteer at Back to School Fair

October 12, 2016

by Office of Communications

Students from Midwestern University’s College of Dental Medicine-Illinois help provide dental care to community members.

A group of Midwestern University dental students volunteered at the DuPage County Health Department's "Back to School Fair." The annual event is sponsored by Catholic Charities to provide health services and school supplies to eligible families. The students from the University's College of Dental Medicine-Illinois assisted representatives from the DuPage County Health Department through a full day of dental screenings and provided oral healthcare information to families at the fair.

"With the students' help, we were able to assess the oral health needs of 146 children and 33 adults. These assessments revealed that 85 of the children and adults screened had a total of 296 teeth with apparent decay, 51 teeth with apparent severe decay, and one tooth with an apparent abscess," said Laura K. Gibson, Senior Dental Hygienist, DuPage County Health Department. "We cannot thank Midwestern University enough for their dedication to the oral health of the community and we look forward to working with them on future Health Department projects," she added.

In addition to providing assistance at the fair, the Midwestern University students also expanded on their own dental educational experience with the interactions they had with the doctors, patients, and staff. Midwestern University's College of Dental Medicine-Illinois is committed to educating compassionate, patient-centered, experienced dentists.

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