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IL: Downers Grove Campus Welcomes New Class of Dental Medicine

September 19, 2012

by Office of Communications

The College of Dental Medicine-Illinois welcomed its second class of students this fall at Midwestern University.

Midwestern University welcomed 130 students as the second class of the College of Dental Medicine-Illinois (CDMI). The class ranges in age from 20 to 37 years-old, is 57 percent male and 43 percent female. In addition, 36 percent of the new students hail from Illinois. The dental medicine students will begin their first two-years of study on the Downers Grove Campus and complete their clinical education at Midwestern University's Dental Institute scheduled to open in spring 2013. The Dental Institute will be located at 3450 Lacey Road in Downers Grove and will offer reduced cost dental care services to members of the community. This comprehensive care will be largely provided by Midwestern students, in the last years of their dental education program and under the close guidance and interaction of licensed CDMI faculty.

The new class of students will graduate in 2016 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree and will go on to provide much needed dental care to their communities, across the United States. According to the American Dental Association, a sizable proportion of the U.S. population has difficulty procuring needed or wanted oral healthcare.

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