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IL: Midwestern University Helps Local Girl Scout Complete Gold Project

December 11, 2015

by Office of Communications

Girl Scout Annie Vitti poses next to the chimney swift bird tower she built near the Downers Grove Campus of Midwestern University.

Midwestern University recently helped a local Girl Scout build a chimney swift bird tower as part of her Gold Award service project. Annie Vitti, of Downers Grove, contacted the University after deciding to build the tower for the migratory birds in Lyman Woods close to the University's property.

"The location of the tower in Lyman Woods made it difficult to get materials and supplies out there. I contacted Midwestern University to see if we could have access to their garage and water supply to help mix concrete for the base of the tower," she said.

Over the course of two weekends, the University also provided the use of a generator, building supplies, and other assistance. "I don't think I could have got this done without Midwestern's help," Ms. Vitti said. "Everyone at the University was extremely helpful."

Ms. Vitti explained the need for the tower in a letter to the University stating, "Chimney swifts used to live in hollow trees, but when people began to cut trees down, they adapted to live in silos and masonry chimneys. Currently, the large masonry chimneys are being torn down and other viable chimneys are being capped or replaced with a metal chimney. By building a chimney swift tower, it creates a safe and reliable home for these special birds to nest." As the second stage of the project, Ms. Vitti plans to educate the public about the birds and their needs for safe nesting grounds. She intends to submit her final project to the Girl Scouts of America by Jan. 1, 2016. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest achievement a scout can earn.

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