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AZ: MWU Names New CPG Dean

August 18, 2008

by Karen Mattox

Midwestern University (MWU) announces the appointment of Dennis J. McCallian, Pharm.D., FACA, as the new Dean of the College of Pharmacy-Glendale.

Dr. McCallian was promoted in June to Dean of the College, where he has previously served in several positions since 1997, including Professor, Assistant Dean, Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Director of Community Practice, and Director of the Community Pharmacy Residency Program. Dr. Kathleen H. Goeppinger, MWU President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Dr. McCallian brings a wealth of knowledge and commitment to our College of Pharmacy Glendale through his years of service, focus on quality, and excellent relationship with the faculty, staff and students of the College."

Prior to joining the MWU faculty, Dr. McCallian served as CEO and Emeritus Consultant for Family PharmaCare Center in Indiana, a model community pharmacy practice he founded in 1993. He has also served as Vice President of Pharmacy Practice for Managed Care Services in Fort Worth Texas, and was a member of the faculty at both Purdue University and Butler University.

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