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IL: Students Organize Conference on Healthcare Inequities

January 15, 2019

by Office of Communications

SIHI leaders: Sevasti Vergis (CCOM '22); Ashley Sigel (CCP '21); Samantha Korsak (CCP '20); Dr. Robin Zavod; Dr. Sally Arif; Renee Wakulski (CCOM '21); Clara Hofman (CCOM '21); Colin Wruck (CCOM '21).

Midwestern University students are investigating ways they can make a positive contribution to our society as part of the next generation of healthcare professionals. Recently, the Midwestern University's Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) chapter joined forces with Midwestern University's Chicago College of Pharmacy's Executive Council to plan the 4th annual Student Interventions in Health Inequities Conference (SIHI). The conference examines the factors that lead to health disparities among racial, ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic, and other groups with a focus on how to advocate for change.

Students from all health professional programs at Midwestern University, as well as students from other local colleges and universities, were in attendance at the conference. The event focused on healthcare communication as it relates to vulnerable groups within our healthcare system. Attendees learned about existing healthcare disparities among disadvantaged groups in our society, the varying cultural interpretations of health and wellness, and the appropriate language skills to build trust and rapport among diverse populations.

Plans are underway for next year's conference with the goal of maintaining the focus on empowering future healthcare professionals to fight health disparities for their patients, while also making it more interdisciplinary by including more healthcare programs in the planning of the event.

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