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AZ/IL: Thoughts and Prayers for the Victims of the Tucson Tragedy

January 11, 2011

by Karen Johnson

On behalf of Midwestern University, I would like to share our condolences for the victims of the Tucson shooting over this past weekend. This was an incident that occurred in our state, and therefore hits close to home. As an academic community, we are committed to working toward healing and reaching out to our fellow Arizonans.

Our thoughts and prayers are especially with the victims of this tragedy and for their grieving families:

Christina Greene
Dorothy Murray
John Roll
Phyllis Schneck
Dorwin Stoddard
Gabe Zimmerman

We also keep Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in our thoughts and prayers as she continues to recover. Rep. Giffords has been a good friend of Midwestern University, having providing critical support to our establishment of a residency program at a hospital in her district.

This incident also reminds me of the many everyday heroes we have in our communities. From the 20-year-old intern, who rushed to the Congresswoman's side to provide critical triage immediately after the shooting, to the excellent team of physicians at the University of Arizona Medical Center.

As a healthcare university, we are awed by the work done by the entire healthcare team in this particular incident. Our students want to become physicians and healthcare providers so they can help people. This terrible incident is a striking example of why the healing professions are so critical to our society and to each of us in our everyday lives.

The entire Midwestern University family mourns this loss for our state and will continue to work toward healing in our community.

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