Pablo De Gracia, Optometrist, PhD, FAAO

Assistant Professor

Midwestern University
Chicago College of Optometry
Cardinal Hall, Room #582
555 31st St
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Office: (630) 960-3039






Biography - CV

Dr. De Gracia divides his time between running a visual optics research lab and teaching in the professional Doctor of Optometry program.  His interests are centered on visual perception, the impact of the eye’s optics on the visual function, and the role of ocular movements in attaining clear vision. His ongoing research is evaluating the effect of novel multifocal solutions on presbyopic vision, the application of new multifocal designs to monovison compensations, and how ocular movements affect the development of refractive errors.  Dr. De Gracia is a consultant for the contact lens and IOL industries.  He is actively involved as a grant reviewer for the National Science Centre and is a journal referee in the fields of Visual Optics, Optometry, and Ophthalmology.


Certificate Business for Scientist and Engineers Northwestern, Kellogg, Chicago 2017
Post Doctoral Ocular Movements, Optical Design Barrow Neurological Institute, AZ 2016
PhD Optics, Optometry, and Vision University Complutense of Madrid 2013
BSc Physics University Complutense of Madrid 2013
MSc Optometry, Optics, and Vision University Complutense of Madrid 2008
BSc Optics and Optometry University Complutense of Madrid 2004

Courses Taught

Course Director: OPTOD 1540 - Geometrical Optics. Student's Evaluation: 4.65/5
Course Director: OPTOD 1541 - Physiological Optics. Student's Evaluation: 4.33/5
Course Director: OPTOD 1542 - Visual Optics. Student's Evaluation: 4.52/5